LiveAnew - Non-Financial Retirement Planning

You probably have a financial plan but what about you, your plans?

  • Use LiveAnew’s Non-Financial Retirement Planning tools to give you more direction and provide you a more vibrant, fun, purposeful future.
  • Take the LiveAnew Discovery Survey and learn how to use your strengths and values to make your future more enriching.
  • Meet others who share your interests, and create and join groups that involve hobbies, travel, volunteerism, and more!
  • Sign into Action Central whenever you want to get ideas that are fun and relevant to you. Receive regular self-growth ideas and actions, network with others who share similar interests, goals, and dreams. Stay updated on ways to increase your wellbeing.
  • Sign up for free webinars.
  • Think about possibilities and make them a reality.
  • It’s easy, affordable, fun, and a much needed service! Don’t wait!

    Two ways to experience LiveAnew.

    Self Coach $39.99 or through a Certified Coach $149.99 for three thirty minute sessions. Your coach will help go over your Discovery Survey results, help you to use those results, set goals or help you create a path for your future.

    More on what you receive as a member of LiveAnew:

    • Discovery Survey
      Start with the LiveAnew Discovery Survey. A unique tool that allows you to measure your strengths, values, and interests. It then provides the baseline for ideas and activities that can help you lead a more enriching life.
    • Activities Evaluator
      This helpful online tool provides a way to see how well your current life activities connect with your strengths and values. In addition, begin to set goals and take action on activities that you want to participate in.
      You will receive an Action Portfolio - informative report that presents all the information from the LiveAnew Discovery. The report will provide the architecture for forming new plans and actions for a fun future.
    • Get ideas and make friends
      Action Central is a fun place for you to get activities that are tied to your Discovery Survey results. It is a convenient place for you to access all of your reports, relevant actions, motivational content, and more. Action Central includes:
      Easy ways to create positive emotion
      Daily Easy Actions for your well-being and personal health that are designed around your specific values.
      Travel, volunteer, self development, learning and recreational ideas.
      Featured Experiences and self-enriching exercises that connect to your strengths, values, and interests.
      Motivational thoughts and videos for each day.
      A place to network with others with common interests, goals, and ambitions.
    • Community
      The LiveAnew community will provide you opportunities to network with others who share similar interests and goals. Our community allows you to encourage others, share a hobby, volunteer with likeminded people, or form groups with those who share common ambitions. The opportunities are limitless.
    • Coaching
      With a LiveAnew Certified Coach you receive a highly qualified person who will help you utilize your Discovery Survey results.
      Help you set and attain your goals.
      Learn how to better utilize the LiveAnew community to rally others in helping you to make your dreams a reality.
      An investment in your future!
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    "LiveAnew helped me to find more purpose… It has allowed me to recognize my innate talents through stimulating experiences. I look forward to logging on every day!"
    Skip Herndon, Owner,
    Herndon Products Company
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    "Values and passions are the cornerstone for goals and future direction in life. This is why I connected so well with the LiveAnew program."
    Tom Hill, Life Coach and Business
    Owner, Tom Hill Institute
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    "I became a LiveAnew member because I was looking for guidance… LiveAnew has helped me, and continues to help me find activities, people, and ideas that have provided that guidance."
    Sue Rector, Business Owner,
    Girlz Play Sports L.L.C.